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What We Do

We use the latest artificial intelligence and computer vision to automatically analyze your game film.

Our platform takes any coach's film and breaks it down in minutes to

produce: formations, backfield sets, receiver splits, backfield depths, tightend alignments, receiver motion, and even your custom Offensive Identifications.

How It Works

Securely upload your game film
Powerful AI analyzes the film
Results delivered within hours

Case Study

Here is a recent example from working with Northwestern University during the 2020 season.  


Northwestern was preparing to play Purdue in week 4 and uploaded the last 13 Purdue games into our service.  Our powerful AI analyzed over 1000 plays and within a few hours delivered rich presnap breakdowns for every play.

Tendency analysis across the 13 Purdue games showed that:

  • Purdue lined up in the Trips Open formation with a Gun backfield set in 226 of the 1014 plays (22.3%)

  • Within this set of plays, Purdue had the tailback line up "deep" (more than half a yard behind the QB) on 57 plays.  The tailback was even with the QB on the remaining plays.

  • When the Trips receivers to the field lined up using wide splits (all 3 receivers outside the far hash), Purdue was very likely to run the ball (9 runs).

In this case, the receiver splits and backfield depth were a key.  Purdue was intentionally setting the trips receivers splits wide to pull the "Mike" middle linebacker (circled in red below) out of the box towards the hash.  Moving the S3 receiver wide creates space in the middle of field for Purdue to try running the ball, which was further tipped off by the back lining up deep to the QB.

Northwestern used this insight in their Week 4 matchup with Purdue and, not surprisingly, saw this same situation in Play 34 of the game.  Once again, the trips receivers are lined up wide to pull the middle linebacker out and create space for the tailback (lined up deep) to run the ball.  Northwestern was ready, made the read, and stopped the play.


Presnap Analysis:

LOS:          48 yd line

Hash:​         Left

Strength:    Right


Personnel:   10

Formation:  Trips Open

Family:       3x1

Variation:    Flex - S3 receiver on LOS

Backfield:    Gun Near (back to Strength)

Receiving Threats: 5 (circled in yellow)

Receiver Splits: (from top to bottom):

  • S1 at Bottom of the #s (B#)

  • S2 -3 yards from #s (-3#)

  • S3 +2 yards from Hash (+2H)

  • W1 at Top of the #s (T#)

Backs Depth: tailback -0.6 yards to QB


It is these types of insights derived from our platform's analytics that help you understand what the opponent is trying to do on the field, formulate a game plan, and focus your limited time coaching the players on how to stop it. 

How can we help your team win?

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