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Game Prep In Minutes

Data. Reports. Scout Cards.

Football Player

2 Minute Warning saves coaches time in game prep by providing fast,

automated, rich analysis of game film.

We use the latest artificial intelligence and computer vision to automatically

breakdown coach's film - giving you back precious hours to reinvest in game

planning, strategy, and coaching.

Our service takes any coach's film and breaks it down in minutes to

produce formations, backfield sets, receiver splits, backfield depths, tightend 

alignments, receiver motion, and even your custom Offensive Identifications. Weprovide you with customized tendency reports detailing what your opponents are

trying to do on the field as well as the raw CSV data for importing into your systems.

We also provide scout cards for every play analyzed.  The cards provided have all the precise player alignments along with your custom annotations in both PowerPoint and Visio format.  This saves your coaches valuable time to focus on scheming and adding coaching notes.​

Our powerful platform removes the toil from game prep so you focus on

what matters most - winning.

How We Help You Win


How can we help you win?

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