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About Us


2 Minute Warning creates technology that advances the way teams train and compete.

The seeds for the company were planted many years ago on the gridiron during grueling two-a-day practices. While I love and played football up and into college, I am truly a geek at heart. As I got older, my focus began to shift from x’s and o’s, to computer science and engineering.

The original idea for 2 Minute Warning came to me in graduate school and I attempted to build a prototype. The problem I encountered though, was that the technology was just not mature enough. I decided to shelf the idea, and I resolved to revisit it once technology was ready.

Artificial Intelligence went through a bit of a dark winter, but a few years ago, major breakthroughs in computer vision meant things were finally where they needed to be.

2 Minute Warning started in 2019 with the sole focus of using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to automatically break down film for coaches, thus saving them dozens of hours in game prep. I wanted to help coaches focus more of their time on game planning, strategy, and coaching.

Our service equips coaches with new insights and analytics to help them prepare for what their opponent is trying to do on the field.

We help coaches win.

- Jered, Owner/CEO



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